Power Supply

A 400-W power supply is now available from Integrated Power Designs, Wilkes-Barre, PA. The power supply comes with two to four outputs in a compact 4 × 7 × 1.5 in. package. High power density is achieved through the use of an interleaved boundary conduction mode converter, giving the power supply a peak efficiency of 90 percent. All outputs are adjustable and fully regulated. Unique voltages are easily configured and are available as positive, negative, or isolated. Additional output features include overpower protection, overvoltage protection, power fail warning, remote sense on output #1, and independent voltage inhibit for each output. Standard specifications include universal 85-264 Vac input, power factor correction, and –20 to +70 °C operation.

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Battery Holder with PCB Connector

Keystone, Astoria, NY, has added a new selection of plastic battery holders that include an option for a PCB connector plug. The plug is pre-installed to the end of 6 in. wires for simplified installations. The durable battery holders are molded from polypropylene or ABS with polarity tabs and markings to ensure proper polarity and connectivity. Spring contacts are made from steel with nickel plating. The connector plug is made from nylon 6/6 with a UL 94V-0, flammability rating. A mating PC mountable jack is also available. The holders accommodate a wide range of cylindrical batteries. Sizes include AA, AAA, CR2, 12 V, and N cells.

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High-Pressure Springs

High-pressure springs are available from Lee Spring, Brooklyn, NY. The springs, which are designed to save space, combine a unique range of performance characteristics to suit small applications with high load requirements. The series matches small physical size with high force capacity operating over short distance and small deflections. The springs feature heavier-than-normal gauge wire in a smaller-than-normal diameter compression spring configuration. Various sizes are offered with 300, 400, and 500 psi pressure ratings. They are available in type 17-7 PH stainless steel, which provides excellent corrosion resistance.

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Online Hinge Selection Guide

Reell Precision Manufacturing, St. Paul, MN, has launched and online Hinge Selection Guide. The interactive app introduces a user-friendly resource to pinpoint ideal hinge and torque insert products to match application requirements. The free online tool opens an interactive window to designate an application’s parameters, calculate the torque and rotational angle required for the hinge or torque insert, and ultimately identify the Reell products best suited for the job. The tool enables users to access the company’s standard catalog products, link to its website for exploring additional resources and confirm technical product specifications, and connect quickly with the company’s application engineers.

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Motors and Drives

ABM, Loveland, OH, offers a traction drive system available as bevel gearboxes, helical gearboxes, and hub wheel drives. High static wheel loads are possible with compact design gearboxes, suitable for medical device travel motion control. Traction motors are available in outputs up to 16 kW (duty cycle S2-60 min). The company’s induction and SINOCHRON motors provide high-power density and outstanding reliability. Its compact, modular bevel gearbox design provides maximum flexibility for easy adaptation. Modular designs make it possible to offer different drive options to end-users. Motors are available with sensor bearings or coils. The motor-brake-gearbox units are manufactured completely in-house, reducing engineering, interface work, and assembly time.

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Novelda, Oslo, Norway, has released two new modules for noncontact respiration and vital-sign monitoring. The X4M300 Presence Sensor for occupancy sensing and the X4M200 Respiration Sensor integrate the company’s ultra-wideband impulse radar system-on-chip (SoC) design. The X4 SoC, which operates at unlicensed center frequencies of 7.29 GHz or 8.748 GHz, has a configurable frame size and can operate 10× faster than previously. This enables a greater range of up to 10 m for presence detection, for a target with a 0.1 m2 cross-section, while offering a respiration monitoring zone of 0.4–5.0 m for detecting breathing patterns or frequency when the target is otherwise still.

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Medical Design Briefs Magazine

This article first appeared in the November, 2017 issue of Medical Design Briefs Magazine.

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