PRODUCT OF THE MONTH — Magnetic Hyperthermia System

MSI Automation, Wichita, KS, has introduced a magnetic hyperthermia system for the magnetic heating of nanoparticles. The system is designed for developing the proper thermal response of nanoparticles used in conjunction with drugs for cancer treatment. Power levels from 3.0 to 10.0 kW and frequencies of 150–450 kHz are offered. A fiber optic temperature sensor system is included to measure the temperature response of the nanoparticles when subjected to magnetic field strengths of 600 kGauss and more. Supplied software allows the recording of the temperature, frequency, power, and magnetic field strength during heating trials.

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Tool Measuring Machine

Werth Messtechnik, Giessen, Germany, offers a multisensor coordinate measuring machine for tool applications. The Werth VideoCheck® V HA, which features precision air bearings and a high-precision rotary axis, is designed to measure tools with tolerances in the range of a few microns. Fixtures for all typical tool holding systems, as well as fixed and rotating centers, can be used. The Werth Laser Probe can be integrated into the image processing sensor. In addition, touch probes, including the Werth Fiber Probe, can be mounted using the universal Werth Multisensor System. The machine can measure virtually any tool, including micro tools, in a single setup, It can measure tools with edge roundness, relief angles of thread taps, and surface roughness.

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Touch Panel PC

Axiomtek, City of Industry, CA, has announced a power-efficient 10.4 in. fanless touch panel computer. The GOT5100T-845 computer features an Intel® Celeron® N3060 dualcore processor (up to 2.48 GHz). It offers options for XGA color resolution 1024 768 TFT LCD display with 350 nits brightness or SVGA color resolution 800 × 600 TFT LCD display with 400 nits brightness. Its light weight and fanless design makes it ideal for medical and healthcare applications. Features include an ultraslim housing and a water- and dust-proof IP65-rated front bezel. It supports a wide operating temperature range of 0 to 50 °C. It has two PCI Express Mini card slots, a built-in WLAN antenna, and multiple ports.

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High-Performance Polyimide

Goodfellow, Coraopolis, PA, offers a high-performance polyimide that can serve as an alternative to metals in demanding applications where weight reduction is also needed. The lightweight polymer is stable across a temperature range of –270 to 300 °C. Properties of the material include radiation resistance, low outgassing in vacuum, excellent electrical insulation properties, low flammability, and high strength. The company offers polyimide in a range of forms, including films, laminates, sheets, rods, tubes, and fibers. Available DuPont Kapton® polyimide films include an unfilled version and a number of filled grades for electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, improved corona resistance, dimensional stability, and opacity.

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Optical Encoders

Two new high-precision optical encoders are available from Micromo, Clearwater, FL. Both of the Faulhaber IER3 and IERS3 encoders deliver two channel quadrature signals and an additional index signal. A micro DC motor or a brushless DC servo motor can be positioned with a typical accuracy of 0.1– 0.3°, making the encoders ideal for highprecision positioning applications. The encoders can be combined with series CXR and CR graphite-commutated Faulhaber micro DC motors, starting with a diameter of 22 mm, and with Faulhaber series BX4 and BP4 brushless DC servo motors. The encoders and their motor combinations can also be used with the Faulhaber MC3/MCS motion control family.

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Stereolithography Equipment

Union Tech, Charles, IL, offers four different models of its stereolithography equipment for the North American medical market. The Pilot SD, RSPro 450, RSPro 600, and RSPro 800 have platform sizes ranging from 250 to 800 mm2. Components for the equipment are globally sourced from suppliers that include Spectra-Physics 355 nm solid-state lasers, ScanLab scanning systems, and Panasonic servers. The equipment uses Materialise Magics software to enable easy part preparation. It enables full control of build parameters.

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Label Inspection System

Microscan, Renton, WA, has released a model of its LVS-7510 Print Quality Inspection System as a fully integrated solution within the Printronix® T8304 and T8308 brand of thermal label printers. The inspection system is designed to seamlessly integrate LVS machine vision components into the printhead of most popular brands of thermal transfer printers. The LVS components provide a 5.4 in. (137 mm) or 8.5 in. (216 mm) read head for scanning label widths from 4.1 (104) to 8.5 in. (216 mm). It also integrates a stop motion unit, a print control unit, and a light tower for triggering alerts or printer actions.

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