PRODUCT OF THE MONTH — High-Strength Alloy

Foster, Putnam, CT, has introduced compounds for medical device components that require high strength, yet cannot use metals or traditional reinforced plastics. The Nanomed MAX® compounds, based on an alloy of meta-xylene diamine polyamide (MX nylon), are USP Class VI tested and suitable for reusable instruments or components that must withstand gamma, e-beam, and ethylene oxide sterilization. Nanomed MAX compounds incorporate nanoclay particles into a high-strength nylon alloy. These platelet-shaped particles, less than a nanometer thick and up to 1000 times greater in surface diameter, provide reinforcement at the molecular level. This enhances strength and rigidity of the polymer without hindering flow into thin sections. Nanomed MAX compounds include less than 10 percent by weight nanoparticles resulting in 15 percent more tensile strength than unmodified PEEK, for approximately half the price.

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Flexible Packaging Design Guide

An online flexible packaging design guide is now available from Technipaq, Crystal Lake, IL, on its web site. The site guides design efforts by leading users through a series of 15 design questions, many strengthened with alternatives and material suggestions. A simplified specification is generated. When requested by the user, the specification can be emailed, which is followed by a quote and hand samples.

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DC-DC Converters

XP Power, Singapore, offers miniature 2-W rated DC-DC converters for use in medical device applications that require safety isolation between the input and output. The IML02 and ISM02 converters provide 4000 VAC reinforced isolation with 1 x MOPP at 300 VAC (250 VAC model IML02) working voltage and have a very low 2 μA patient leakage current. the converters are available in an SMD package (model ISM02) or a throughhole, industry standard SIP7 package (model IML02). The IML02 measures 0.77 × 0.39 × 0.49 in., and the ISM02 is 0.94 × 0.71 × 0.36 in.

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Mounting Arm Extensions

GCX, Petaluma, CA, offers 8 and 14- in. extensions for its newest variable height medical mounting arms, the VHMPTM and VHM-PLTM. The extensions are die-cast, making them well suited for various applications. The arms offer significant advances in cable management, precision movement, cleanability, durability, and load capacity. The medical-grade arms, which can conceal up to eight cables internally, have a smooth, unibody aluminum construction for easy cleaning and provide a wide range of movement to accommodate various users in both sitting and standing positions.

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SLS Production 3D Printer

Methods 3D, Sudbury, MA, has introduced a selective laser sintering production 3D printer featuring fast speeds, high print resolution, and an extensive range of engineered composite materials. Created for the manufacturing floor, the ProX SLS 500 is the newest generation of SLS printers that redefines production capabilities with repeatable results. This printer is designed to produce exceptionally smooth surfaces and high-resolution thermoplastic parts. The printer was developed in tandem with the DuraForm® ProX materials line to produce smoother wall surfaces, high print resolution, and edge definition.

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External Power Supplies

TDK, National City, CA, has introduced medical- and ITE-certified external power supplies. This DTM300-D series offers a choice of class I or class II (no ground connection) inputs and meets the stringent Level VI DOE standards for efficiency and off-load power. The convection-cooled DTM300-D is housed in a rugged, vent-free enclosure, measuring 222 × 112 × 45 mm. AC is applied using the standard IEC 60320-C14 (3-prong) or 60320-C18 (2-prong) connector, and DC is provided through a 10-pin Molex Mini-Fit® connector. The adapters also feature overvoltage and overcurrent protection.

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Panel-Mount Pump

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group, Falmouth, UK, offers a range of panel-mount pumps. Designed for the surgical ablation market, the 400RXMD DriveSure range is highly adaptable and directly accepts market-standard analog control signals. The pumps deliver very low flows with high backpressure up to 87 psi through catheters or needles in cooling applications. A tube holder ensures that the tube stays in the right position when the safety guard is closed, providing rapid, trouble-free tube loading and minimizing the risk of human error.

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Radiopaque Wire

Custom-manufactured radiopaque clad wire that improves the visibility of stents and wire under fluoroscopy as an effective alternative to marker bands is available from Anomet Products, Shrewsbury, MA. The wire can be manufactured with different degrees of visibility by modifying the alloy composition and cladding thickness. Available in sizes from 0.05 to 1.52 mm OD, the wire can incorporate gold, platinum-iridium, tantalum, tantalum-tungsten, and similar alloys bonded to high strength wires such as 316LVM stainless steel, nitinol, and MP35N® with 2 percent or more cladding thickness.

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Flexible Epoxies

EpoxySet, Lincoln, RI, offers the EB- 109M series of flexible epoxies designed for sealing, laminating, and encapsulating optical, electronic, and semiconductor components. Most of the epoxies are low viscosity, room temperature curing compounds that can offer low stress environmental protection. The series contains products with varying viscosities and hardnesses to fit specific design requirements. For example, the EB- 109M-11 has a four-hour working time with a viscosity of 200 cps. It offers excellent impact resistance as well as high bond strength with protection from moisture and chemicals.

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Optical Sensors

Werth, Geissen, Germany, has released noncontact probing optical sensors for high-precision 2D and 3D measurements of micro features. The sensors enable many measurement points to be captured quickly and easily. The sensors’ application-specific resolution can be adjusted easily by selecting an appropriate magnification. The 3D-Patch and NFP Nano Focus Probe can be used in conjunction with 3D CAD data to assess surface topography. If the area to be measured is greater than the sensor’s field of vision, several measurement point clouds can be arrayed and processed into a single overall surface.

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Optical Encoders

US Digital, Vancouver, WA, has added 400 and 500 cycles per revolution (CPR) resolutions to its existing E4T line of miniature optical encoders. The new E4Ts deliver position and velocity feedback, while fitting NEMA motors as small as size eight. The new resolutions represent up to a 38 percent increase in available CPR and support applications requiring up to 2000 pulses per revolution. The encoders, which maintain the package form factor, electrical characteristics, and output signal robustness of the existing line, are available in both single-ended and differential signal outputs for applications where noise immunity is critical.

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