Zeus Industrial Products, Orangeburg, SC, has launched an MRI-compatible liquid crystal polymer (LCP) monofilament. This technology overcomes a significant limitation of other vascular visualization procedures and removes radiation exposure as a consequence. According to the company, the LCP monofilament has exceptional tensile strength and provides a safe braiding option for the development of MRI-compatible intravascular catheters. The LCP monofilament has a suitable heat tolerance for autoclaving. It is said to provide excellent torque response, pushability, and kink resistance, and it is chemically inert. The fiber displays less fraying (“bird nesting”) than comparable monofilament and multifilament fibers during the braiding process and can be wound onto Steeger and Wardwell bobbins and DIN 160 spools. The Class VI-approved monofilament can be supplied with tight tolerances in customizable sizes and profiles.

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