Icon Labs, Des Moines, IA, announced the Floodgate Defender Mark III firewall appliance that provides a layer of security for legacy devices that comprise The Internet of Things, including SCADA networks, military equipment, critical infrastructure controllers, and medical devices. The device is plugged in between the Internet or WAN and the device. It includes two Ethernet ports, and can be configured with communication policies customized for the device under protection through a Web-based management interface. It blocks attacks before a connection can be established with the target device, without requiring any change to the network or the target device.

The Floodgate Defender includes a security coprocessor from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. that provides secure key storage and a cryptographic accelerator. This improves the resistance of encryption functions, enables secure boot, and ensures the security of both the Floodgate Defender device itself and the devices it is protecting. The product also features an Ethernet pass-through upon power failure to facilitate continuous operation in critical environments, and deep packet inspection for ModbusTCP and other industrial protocols.

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