American Kuhne, Ashaway, RI, introduces a new modular extrusion system that enables processors of tubing and other small-diameter medical products to be up and running with a new job just three minutes after the previous run, leaving the tasks involved in die and barrel cleanout to take place outside the clean room environment.

The Modular Quick-Change™ system has four components: an extruder drive module for the clean room; a purge module for the tool room or other maintenance area; and two barrel modules, one used on-line while the alternate is purged and cleaned. At the end of a job, the “dirty” barrel module, including die head, is rolled away to the tool room for cleanout—a procedure that typically takes two hours. The alternate barrel module, preheated and with the new job recipe pre-loaded, can be installed on-line in about three minutes.

Based on Single-Minute Exchange of Die concepts, the new system is especially suited for medical and other contaminationsensitive applications. The Modular Quick-Change system is available for extruders up to 2 inches (51 mm), and customengineered systems are available for larger units.

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