MICROMO, Clearwater, FL, introduces the MCST 3601 series of programmable motion controllers, which are compact, flexible, and designed to fit the full range of FAULHABER micro stepper motors.

The MCST 3601, which is equipped with a micro controller and a driver, can precisely regulate phase currents from 10 mA to 1.1 A. It can be operated with a supply voltage between 9 and 36 VDC. Connecting to a PC via USB 2.0, all types of movements can be programmed using available software. Ten inputs and outputs allow external variables to be taken into consideration. Users can adopt the predefined architecture according to their requirements and integrate the components into their specific industrial application.

Furthermore, the MCST 3601 series can actuate stepper motors in micro stepping mode. In this operating mode, up to 256 micro steps can be programmed per full step. This allows the resolution of the controlled rotary or linear movement to be increased considerably and/or the vibrations caused by the motor to be reduced.

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