Zeus, Orangeburg, SC, announces the release of FluoroPEELZ™, a new optically clear peelable heat shrink, which offers catheter manufacturers a new method to increase yield and improve safety. Removing recovered heat shrink from the outer shaft can be laborious. With FluoroPEELZ™, one simple linear tear allows operators to quickly and easily peel the heat shrink away, improving efficiencies and workplace safety, and reducing scrap.

Class VI approved, FluoroPEELZ™ offers the highest optical clarity on the market, allowing operators to visually inspect the construction during the reflow process. This eliminates guesswork and speeds the production process. In addition, the product offers superior reflow ability. Once removed, FluoroPEELZ™ produces a smooth void-free exterior finish.

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This article first appeared in the April, 2015 issue of Medical Design Briefs Magazine.

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