altPAGE International Hose of Parker Hannifin Corp. (Fort Worth, TX) offers USP Class VI certified RCTW (Rubber Covered Fluoropolymer Hose) to transfer materials without contaminating the integrity of the product. USP Class VI certification includes stringent testing of the tube materials to determine biocompatibility, toxicity, and extractables of a product. The hoses are extremely flexible, easy to clean, and handle temperatures up to 300 °F/149 °C. The EPDM rubber covers the FEP tube with multiple layers of rubber and polyester reinforcement, with an added helical wire for support. The rubber and polyester insulates the tube, eliminating the risk of burns that are associated with stainless steel reinforcement, and the wire helix supports full vacuum service. Sizes range from 1/2" I.D. up to 4" I.D.

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