The OPB732 reflective sensor from TT electronics (Carrollton, TX) is suitable for automated handlers for medical diagnostics, able to detect the placement and position of test vials in real time. It is based on an Infrared LED and Phototransistor in a reflective switch configuration, and features a unique 1" sensing range accuracy. The OPB732 infrared light emitting diode features an 850nm wavelength and a maximum power dissipation of 100 mW. Maximum forward current is 50 mA and maximum forward voltage is 1.8 V (If=20mA). Reverse DC voltage is 3V, with a maximum reverse current of 100μA (Vr=2.0V). The output transistor has maximum collectoremitter voltages of 30V, a maximum collector DC current of 50mA, and a maximum power dissipation of 100mW. Operating temperature range for the long distance reflective switch is -40°C to +85°C.

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