Adhesives Research (Glen Rock, PA) offers non-silicone, low-trauma PSA technology that mimics the gentle properties of silicone adhesive platforms with the added benefit of offering aggressive, intimate skin contact with virtually painless and residue-free removal. Unlike some silicones, this technology also exhibits good ratings for resistance to gamma sterilization. For long-term wear applications, AR offers an acrylic medical-grade, tailorable adhesive technology that secures a dressing in place for up to seven days. This new technology offers high moisture vapor transmission rates (MVTR) for breathability, very good wear properties, minimal edge-lift, and tolerable removal with no adhesive residue remaining on the skin. It is well suited for dressings intended for difficult-to-adhere wound sites or other applications requiring long-term adherence properties.

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This article first appeared in the May, 2012 issue of Medical Design Briefs Magazine.

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