SCHOTT (Southbridge, MA) has introduced the 2nd generation of LEDgine™ LED light engine platform that now offers twice as much light as before. It was developed for more efficient coupling of LED light into fiber optic bundles, and illuminates active diameters from 3.0 to 6.0 mm. The small diameter is suitable for medical applications. The module includes an integrated fan that ensures optimum cooling for a long lifetime. The light engine is made up of white High Brightness LEDs, which are focused onto the input of the light guide by specially developed focusing optics (patent pending). The separate control electronics have been optimized to lower energy consumption and enable portability when used with rechargeable batteries. It monitors LEDs on the circuit board for over-temperature to ensure that the system remains functional for a long time. The external triggering option can be utilized to make fast movements visible. The light intensity of the LEDs can be continuously dimmed between 0 and 100%. For applications that require the use of an additional filter to cut off a particular wavelength (i.e. for ophthalmic applications), a light guide adapter with integrated filter slider can be mounted onto the optics module.

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