altThe MMG Mini-Mag line of precision linear motor tables from Dover (Westborough, MA) is now available in aluminum-based versions with an optional single phase motor to reduce controller complexity, system footprint, and cost. Technology enhancements also enable operation in a vertical orientation without requiring a counterbalance, making it suitable for precision imaging applications. Original steel-based Mini-Mag versions are also available for use in more demanding environments. The technology features a compact 81 × 93 mm footprint. For XY sample positioning, sustained throughput of up to 2,000 moves per minute is possible. For focal plane definition, the optimum Z position of the magnifying objective is determined, and the vertical objective positioning moves (<5 μm) are often accomplished in <20 ms, which can occur in parallel with the XY positioning motion. During frame capture, in-position stability is vital to producing quality images, and MMG provides position stability typically less than 100 nm.

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