In December, we asked Medical Design Briefs readers to cast their ballot to choose from our 12 Products of the Month the technology they felt was the most significant new introduction to the design engineering community in 2020. This year, our two winners both represent new imaging capabilities for medical devices. Here are the winners of the 2020 Medical Design Briefs’ Readers’ Choice Products of the Year.

Polymer Optical Fibers

Toray Industries, New York, NY, has launched Raytela® polymer optical fibers for minimally invasive surgery, including endoscopy, ureteroscopy, ophthalmic surgery and other procedures. The fiber optic cable very flexible and highly efficient transmitter of high intensity light. Its greater light efficiency transmission means that it requires less intensity at the light source. An additional special characteristic is the significantly wider degree of light broadcasting at the distal end. This combination of special capabilities results in significantly smaller diameter devices that require fewer light cables.

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Medical RGB-IR Image Sensor

OmniVision Technologies, Inc., Santa Clara, CA, has released an RGB-IR medical image sensor, which provides simultaneous white-light RGB captures and infrared monochrome captures in a single CMOS sensor. While endoscopic pre-cancer and cancer detection procedures are performed using IR light, surgeons also need RGB light to confirm any abnormalities detected using infrared. The OH02A1S enables the designers of chip-on-tip endoscopes for cancer detection to eliminate a second image sensor, thereby overcoming the drawbacks of a two-imager design. These improvements allow the development of small outer diameter (OD) endoscopes for cancer detection and diagnostic procedures such as indo-cyanine green (ICG), and fluorescence, chromo, and virtual endoscopy.

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