In December, we asked Medical Design Briefs readers to cast their ballot to choose from our 12 Products of the Month the technology they felt was the most significant new introduction to the design engineering community in 2019. This year, our two winners represent new imaging capabilities for medical devices and advances in manufacturing. Here are the winners of the 2019 Medical Design Briefs’ Readers’ Choice Products of the Year.

Image Signal Processors

OmniVision Technologies, Santa Clara, CA, has expanded its medical image signal processor (ISP) family, designed to pair with its high-performance medical image sensors for quick integration into single-use and reusable endoscopes as well as catheters. Five new OVMed® processors provide resolution of up to 4K2K, while supporting streaming video at 60 frames per second. Products in the Pro line accept up to 4-lane digital MIPI/sub-LVDS input. They can connect to image sensors via longer input cables of up to 5 m. The Pro ISPs feature dynamic shading control, distortion correction, advanced backlight compensation, an automatic exposure and gain control window, and exposure weighting and compensation. Two new ISPs (Mini and Pro) offer dual-channel processing that supports 3D stereoscopic imaging. All products are certified to comply with IEC 60601 (ESD, EMC, EMI, patient isolation), IEC 62304 (software quality), and ISO 14971 (risk management).

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Ultrasonic Welder

Cycle time, changeover, and downtime can be significantly and efficiently reduced with a new ultrasonic welder from Herrmann Ultrasonics, Bartlett, IL. The HiQ Dialog offers SoftTouch mode, which prevents damage to sensitive joints. High Motion Control ensures a calibrated and repeatable process. The programmable stroke selection (start and end position of the sonotrode) optimizes cycle time. The stroke can be individually adjusted for the required weld task and for the size of application being welded.

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Sherrie Trigg

Editor and Director of Medical Content

Medical Design Briefs Magazine

This article first appeared in the March, 2020 issue of Medical Design Briefs Magazine.

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