Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West,
February 7–9,
Anaheim, CA

Precision Molding Services

Precision injection molding is offered by Medbio, Grand Rapids, MI. Precision molding begins with good part design. Selecting the right resin can be crucial to precision molding. Important Factors include expected service life, service environment, sterilization method, relation to other parts, and tolerances and form. Equally important, is choosing a manufacturing partner with experience in processing all grades of thermoplastics resins.

MD&M West, Booth 1901

Durable Polycarbonate

Covestro, Leverkusen, Germany, has introduced a new material engineered to meet rigorous standards with a unique combination of properties that are maintained over a wide temperature range. Makrolon® 3638 polycarbonate is durable from cryogenic to steam sterilization conditions. The material demonstrates high impact strength and ductility, even at very low temperatures.

MD&M West, Booth 2221

Laser Processing Systems

Laser processing systems are available from Amada Weld Tech, Monrovia, CA. The WL-P300A offers a wide range of processing capabilities and is integrated with the company’s LMF fiber lasers (10–70 W). The configurable workstation is designed for industrial micro welding. The UB-1500A Low Power Linear DC Micro Spot Welder with the SL-321A Light Force Motorized Electromagnetic Weld Head is designed specifically for applications requiring precise positioning and force control resulting in robust, repeatable micro-welds commonly required in the medical device manufacturing processes.

MD&M West, Booth 2835

Biocompatible Adhesives

An extensive line of biocompatible adhesives, sealants and potting materials approved to ISO-10993-5 is offered by EpoxySet, Woonsocket, RI. Products include: EO-97M (electrically conductive), SetWORX 60 (structural, BPA free), EB-135 (low shrinkage, optical), EB-126HT (high strength to 300 °C), UV-8300LV (high Tg, UV cure), EB-153 (fiber optic terminations), and EB-486 (thermally conductive). Applications include sensors, PCBs, instruments, hearing aids, ultrasound probes, pacemakers, MRIs, endoscopes, and catheter products.

MD&M West, Booth 717

Automated Metrology Systems

Automated inspection capabilities are available in the metrology and force measurement systems from The L.S. Starrett Company, Athol, MA. Starrett Optical and Video-based measurement systems combine high-resolution images, intuitive software, and precision mechanical platforms to deliver accurate and repeatable measurement results. The KMR-Mx Series Video Inspection System offers the speed and accuracy of a video-based platform, without needing a PC-based system. The AVR200 Multi-Sensor Vision System is a full CNC benchtop vision system, ideal for repetitive measurements and automatic comparison to CAD files.

MD&M West, Booth 4171

Brushless Motors

Brushless ECX speed motors from maxon, Taunton, MA, offer an ironless winding feature an extremely wide speed range, high power, excellent control characteristics and excellent durability. The sterilizable ECX 13/16/19 drives are available with Hall sensors or sensorless and integrated encoder and can be combined with a large number of gearheads. The electrical connection is configurable online.

MD&M West, Booth 2836

Disc Pump

The Lee Company, Westbrook, CT, offers a disc pump, which uses piezo technology. Features include silent operation, compact form factor, pulsation-free operation, zero vibration, and high-precision control. Disc pumps are suitable for medical applications such as point-of-care (POC) diagnostics, wearable intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC), and sleep apnea therapy. Disc pumps uses nonlinear acoustics and ultra-fast valve technology.

MD&M West, Booth 3129

Adhesive Curing Systems

LED adhesive curing systems are offered by Panacol-USA, Torrington, CT. The Bluepoint LED ECO is a spot curing unit that can power up to four LED heads from a single controller. Wide area curing can be accomplished using Hönle’s Spot 100 and 200 HP IC systems. For high-speed, in-line production, LED Powerline AC/IC 820 linear arrays are available with intensities greater than 16,000 mW/cm2. UV/LED curing chambers and conveyors are also available.

MD&M West, Booth 4452

X-Ray Inspection System

Rad Source NDT, Buford, GA, has released a new x-ray inspection system for non-destructive testing. The NDT 1000 handles materials with thicknesses of up to 0.5 in., including steel piping and welds, can be inspected in one second. With an imaging speed of 24 frames per second (fps), it provides rapid and accurate results. Engineered for diverse applications, the system comes equipped with a high-resolution digitizing panel and monitor. No external cooling system is required.

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Data Management Software

ITTIA, Bellevue, WA, has launched ITTIA DB IoT release 8.8. With this new release, MCU applications embedded with ITTIA DB are fully capable of ingesting and aggregating data, detecting anomalies, storing information, and making choices in milliseconds. Flexible mix-and-match customization enables embedded developers to stream real-time data, manage time series, and/or store table data. Streaming and time series functionalities are able to process data at a massive scale to achieve measurable metrics.

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