Flambeau Medical has partnered with Two Styx Capital. (Credit: Coloures-Pic/AdobeStock)

Flambeau Medical Markets Group , part of the Nordic Group of Companies, has partnered with Two Styx Capital (TSC). The company will continue to operate as Flambeau Medical Manufacturing Solutions. According to the company, TSC will contribute its medical device industry expertise, built over 20 years and focused on critical medical component manufacturing, while continuing to leverage Flambeau's strong design, engineering, and manufacturing foundation. Flambeau Medical is based in Phoenix, AZ.

All Flambeau Medical Manufacturing Solutions employees will continue in their roles. In addition, veteran medical device industry executive David Mabie will join as operating partner/executive vice president along with several new executives from TSC, providing strength in business development, production management, operations, engineering, and automation.

Flambeau Medical is a privately held contract manufacturing organization (CMO) with a focus on quality, manufacturing, and automaton of highly engineered, difficult-to-manufacture, plastic components and finished assemblies serving the needs of the medical, life sciences, and pharmaceutical industries.

“This partnership venture with TSC will enable Flambeau Medical’s Phoenix operation to excel in its support of medical device applications as we apply the expertise of TSC’s engineering innovation capacity and operational excellence,” says Jason Sauey, chairman of Nordic Group.“We look to further augment those capabilities through strategic investment in human capital as well as capital equipment.”

TSC co-invests in businesses with operating executives allowing those executives to end up with a larger portion of equity through growth.

“The foundation Flambeau Medical has built over the past decade will allow TSC the opportunity to implement our manufacturing playbook which has proven successful in past investments, acquisitions and mergers,” says Rod Trujillo, co-founder of TSC. “We will remain focused on increasing innovation and manufacturing efforts in the life sciences industries, while strategically investing in both human capital and state-of-the-art equipment.”