The MESI 4.0 Summit sought to unlock the vast potential of digital transformation and propel the trajectory of growth.

During an eventful week, manufacturing experts from across the globe congregated at the Alfândega Congress Center, a unique venue nearby Douro river, for Critical Manufacturing’s MES & Industry 4.0 International Summit (MESI 4.0 Summit). The two-day event served as a platform for professionals to exchange valuable insights and knowledge regarding the digital transformation in the manufacturing sector.

With attendees hailing from various corners of the world, the MESI 4.0 Summit proved to be an epic gathering of industry leaders, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation in the realm of manufacturing.

The MESI 4.0 Summit sought to unlock the vast potential of digital transformation and propel the trajectory of growth. With its focus on the convergence of manufacturing execution systems and the fourth industrial revolution, the summit served as a platform for the dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge and the exploration of innovative strategies. Through the lens of the summit, participants learned about the power of digitalization and how to embrace the paradigm shift that is reshaping the industrial landscape.

an Expert Lab segment exhibited cutting-edge factory automation solutions.

“The industry is eagerly embracing the concept of industry 4.0 and demonstrating an insatiable appetite for knowledge regarding the ways in which digital transformation can be leveraged for their benefit. We found great satisfaction in the fact that a multitude of individuals chose to accompany us at this event,” said Critical Manufacturing CEO, Francisco Almada Lobo. “Our company specializes in driving business value through the convergence of intelligence, operations, and automation technologies for Industry 4.0. By harnessing these cutting-edge technologies, we help businesses optimize their operations, increase efficiency, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Our expertise lies in integrating intelligent systems, leveraging data analytics, and implementing automation solutions to streamline processes, improve decision-making, and drive innovation. With our comprehensive approach, businesses can unlock the full potential of Industry 4.0, driving growth, competitiveness, and success in today’s fast-paced and interconnected world.”

Mário Campolargo, Secretary of State for Digitalization and Administrative Modernization in Portugal, commenced the two-day affair by expounding upon Portugal’s illustrious digital odyssey and the profound global implications of Industry 4.0.

Keynote speaker Jeff Winter shared his experiences as Sr. Director of Industry Strategy, Manufacturing for Hitachi Solutions, and Strategic Advisor for IIoT World. “Industry 4.0 has advanced well beyond the buzzword stage. We are seeing real value for sure, but everyone’s digital transformation journey is unique. That’s why it is so important for the people from the shop floor to the C-suite to come together in conferences such as this,” said Winter.

The majority of the presenters at the summit consisted of MES end users, exemplified by the likes of Michael Kaiser, who holds the position of Lead Smart Manufacturing for B. Braun. Kaiser’s presentation focused on the topic of“Pretending to be Agile — Implementation of MES in a Regulated Environment.”

“We are very excited about what we have been able to accomplish in deploying MES. We enjoyed presenting our experiences to colleagues in medical device manufacturing as well as other industries. We learn so much from each other.” said Kaiser.

Vision vs. Reality

According to the organizers, the symposium had a momentous objective of facilitating users in bridging the Industry 4.0 concept with tangible execution, which was also the focal point of the workshop. In addition, the event featured an Expert Lab segment that exhibited cutting-edge factory automation solutions and granted attendees an immersive virtual reality encounter of traversing a prospective manufacturing facility.