MGS Mfg. Group, Inc. (MGS) , a global provider of integrated manufacturing solutions for complex, high-precision plastic components for healthcare and pharma applications, has acquired Denmark-based Technolution A/S  , a consultancy and development company focused on pharma and medtech.

The acquisition brings together Technolution’s expertise in R&D, regulatory compliance, quality, and project management with MGS’ expertise in tooling, molding, and automation for drug-delivery devices, diagnostics, and more. According to MGS, the two companies together mitigate project risks for their clients and create an approach that streamlines the supply chain and accelerates time-to-market.

MGS has acquired Denmark-based Technolution A/S (Technolution).

Headquartered in Germantown, WI, MGS currently operates from 16 locations worldwide. The company offers vertically integrated total solutions across tooling, molding, and automation to for pharma, diagnostics, and healthcare.

“Extending our offerings into the early stages of product development takes us to the next level of medical contract manufacturing,” says MGS CEO Paul Manley. “And like Technolution, we achieve our goals with the most important factor, our employees, and nurture a culture of pioneering spirit, enthusiasm and a will to succeed.”

Technolution is based in Hørsholm, North of Copenhagen, Denmark. The company currently employs 77 across multiple disciplines and has to date handled 240-plus projects for start-ups over the past 20 years.

“We’re very excited by this opportunity for our company. MGS has already acquired Formteknik, a provider of valuable services from the DFM/ESI to the validated upscale turnkey solution, with whom we have been working closely for more than a decade,” says Allan Spork, Technolution founder and primary shareholder. “Bringing us all together makes our offering uniquely comprehensive.”

For Technolution CEO Thomas Bach Agerslev, the partnership opens new prospects for the company and its stakeholders. “Having multiple providers is inefficient and costly for pharma and medtech companies. That’s why they increasingly demand end-to-end solutions from a single supplier such as Technolution and MGS. For customers, this means a more integrated process, smoother collaboration through all phases, and as a result, faster time-to-market.”