DuPont™ Liveo™ Healthcare Solutions will feature its product portfolio and highlight medical device product partnerships at MD&M West in Anaheim, CA.

DuPont™ has introduced its new Liveo™ MG 7-9960 Soft Skin Adhesive, a soft elastomeric silicone adhesive for adhering medical devices to the skin with high adhesion force, long wear time, and gentle removal at MD&M West. The product has been designed with low content cyclosiloxanes.

The company is also featuring some of its medical device product partnerships, including the Nighthawk wearable patch and the AeviceMD smart stethoscope, at the show. The Nighthawk wearable patch is a collaboration with the Holst Centre that leverages the DuPont’s Liveo™ medical adhesives and sensing technologies. Liveo supports the development of a wearable concept patch especially designed to improve wearability and long-term comfort, enhancing the patient experience while reliably recording electrical signals for vital signs and physiological parameters.

The AeviceMD smart stethoscope is a collaboration with Aevice Health Pte Ltd. The smart AI wearable stethoscope provides continuous, connected care for at-home monitoring and early detection of asthma exacerbation (commonly referred to as an asthma attack) in patients.

“We’re actively working to expand our portfolio of solutions to help customers meet challenging application demands for connected wearable devices,” Salvadori said.