MD&M West encourages innovation that results in solution as — both simple and complex – by building a community of experts, engineers, and thought leaders and bringing them together every year to engineer life-saving devices. Much more than a medical technology trade show, MD&M West exists to improve lives through continuing education, sharing knowledge, and bringing opportunities to all.


Medical Battery Conference

The medical device industry is ever-changing and with the adaption of new technology, implantable, wireless, and wearable devices are at the forefront of advancing life-saving solutions. With these advancements, there is an urgency to understand one of the components making these devices possible: Batteries.

The Medical Battery Conference will address the requirements to meet performance, safety, reliability, hygiene, special certifications, and cost. In partnership with Shmuel De-Leon Energy, the conference will bring you three days of educational offerings, networking opportunities, and access to vendors to give you everything you need to understand the latest advances and innovation in the medical batteries field. Located in Hall E.


Tuesday, February 7, and Wednesday, February 8, 8-9 AM

Keynote Networking Breakfast

Start your show experience with your daily dose of inspiration and connection by attending the Keynote and Networking Breakfast located in the third level ballroom. Kicking off at 8 AM, attendees, exhibitors, and speakers can meet over coffee and breakfast bites before the keynote speakers share their latest insights on trending challenges in the industry.

Tuesday, February 7

Keynote: Medical Technology within the Metaverse — The Fundamental Shift

Medical technology is one the most advancing and lucrative verticals within the metaverse. MedTech for VR+AR is going to fundamentally shift the medical industry. In fact, it’s already begun. Major Hospitals are beginning to adopt. Journey with national and international speaker Christopher Lafayette of GatherVerse and HoloPractice as he shares the current and future state of immersive medtech in the metaverse and what this means for vendors, technologists, and medical practitioners.

Christopher Lafayette, Founder, GatherVerse

Christopher is an emergent technologist, humanitarian in virtual and augmented reality applying his talents to the metaverse, AI, medtech, education, web3 and applied sciences. He is working for a more equitable culture in technology serving as a Silicon Valley national and international speaker, thought leader and an advocate for greater expansion of community in technology that includes cross culture and inclusion considerations. GatherVerse is the brainchild of Christopher Lafayette. Christopher saw a critical need for going beyond the technical aspects of creating the metaverse to include humanity itself in the conversation about what the metaverse can and should be, and how it could best benefit those who will ultimately inhabit it. As the Founder of The Black Technology Mentorship Program, he is creating entrepreneurs and professionals of tomorrow through proper incubation and acceleration, career path and apprenticeship. Christopher has worked with and advised companies and organizations such as Google, Meta, NFL, Merlin Entertainments, European Commission, Nikko Hotels, NBA, Linux Foundation, Cisco, Microsoft, Salesforce, Verizon, Stanford University, Duke University, San Jose College of Engineering, UCLA, renowned chefs, musicians, and hundreds of start-ups. He sits on various advisory councils and boards. He’s bringing thousands of communities and millions of people into the metaverse, humanely.

Wednesday, February 8

Keynote: Clearing the Digital Fog: The First Step of Autonomous Transformation

Brian Evergreen, Global Head of Autonomous AI Co-Innovation at Microsoft

Leaders and managers around the world have aspired and attempted to harness artificial intelligence and its adjacent technologies for the betterment of their organization and society. Despite executive buy-in, alignment of core capabilities and resources, passionate leadership, and well-designed strategies, these initiatives inevitably fail (with few, notable exceptions). Brian Evergreen, who has led and advised Digital Transformation initiatives for many of the world’s most valuable companies, will outline a new era: Autonomous Transformation, a global redesign and rebuilding of the network of systems that make up society, the opportunity it presents for leaders to create Profitable Good, and a blueprint for navigating the first step of Autonomous Transformation: Clearing the Digital Fog that pervades the organizational and societal landscape.

Brian Evergreen is a strategist and technologist who advises senior executives on their organizational transformations and partners with academic and industry leaders to generate research, learnings, and frameworks to contribute to meaningful market transformation. His work builds on his experience leading and advising Digital Transformation initiatives at several of the world’s most valuable companies, including Microsoft, Accenture, Amazon Web Services, UL, Duke Energy, Cargill, Georgia Pacific, and T-Mobile. Brian currently works at Microsoft Research, leading Artificial Intelligence Co-Innovation globally. Brian is the author of Autonomous Transformation: Creating a More Human Future in the Era of Artificial Intelligence, which will be published by Wiley in May 2023.