Learn about the medical manufacturers and cutting-edge applications that stood out in 2021.

Our Technology Leaders guide is divided into 10 sections: electrical connectors/wires/cables, test and measurement, medical robotics, tubing/extrusion, materials/coatings/adhesives, motors/motion control, orthopedics/implants/prosthetics, electronics, contract manufacturing/outsourcing, and gas/fluid handling/pumps.

In addition to highlighting the year’s best innovations, this book offers the advice that you'll need as you design your medical devices. In this publication, you'll learn the considerations required when developing surgical robotics, wearables, prostheses, microelectronics, high-speed imaging, and more. A variety of industry authors and experts will review the factors that should impact your decision to outsource, the preparations required for evaluation and testing, and the kinds of patient protections that will need to be in place as you design.

Read our 2021 Technology Leaders  publication, featuring the following articles.


  • Surgical Robotics: The Art of Saving Costs with Cables
  • Exploring Medical Applications of Ultra-Fine Nitinol Wire


  • Six Tips for Ensuring Precise Compact Distance Measurements


  • Is a Medical Robot Really a Robot?


  • Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing for Tight-Tolerance Medical Applications: Understanding the Advantages and Development Process
  • Tubing Capabilities to Improve Efficiency and Quality in Medical Device Manufacturing


  • Using Dynamic Weld Mode Welder to Tackle Hard-to-Handle Plastic Part Applications
  • Impact Modified Acrylic Copolymers: Understanding Chemical Resistance
  • Careful Selection of Seal Material Essential to Ensure Reliable Operations

Motors/Motion Control

  • Mechatronic Integration for Precision Medical Device Linear Motion
  • Design Strategies for Converting Rotary Motion into Linear Motion


  • Extending the Service Life of Joint Prostheses with PEEK Biomaterials


  • Developing a Customized Glucometer Using GreenPAK
  • PCB Microelectronics Assembly Takes Center Stage for Medical Miniaturization
  • FPGA Technology for High-Speed Medical Image Processing

Contract Manufacturing/Outsourcing

  • Prototype to Mass Production for Single-Use Instruments: What OEMs Need to Know

Gas/Fluid Handling/Pumps

  • Suppliers Keep Pace with Changing Dialysis Needs and Fast-Moving Regulatory Equipment
  • Integrated Rupture Disk Assemblies for Medical OEM Equipment

Read the 2021 Technology Leaders  guide.