Researchers have developed a medical instrument called Clinical Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test Ramanometry for Helicobacter pylori (CAST-R-HP) that holds promise as a powerful new tool in the diagnosis and treatment of H. pylori infections.

The device performs rapid pathogen identification as well as metabolism inhibition-based antimicrobial susceptibility tests, and high-quality single-cell whole-genome sequencing for unveiling antimicrobial resistance mechanisms. The approach provides greater than 98 percent accuracy and is successful at precisely one-cell resolution working directly from biopsy samples.

The core technologies, called D2O-probed Ramanometry and Raman-activated Cell Sorting and Sequencing (RACS-Seq), are integrated in the CAST-R-HP instrument. The team will explore ways to further accelerate the CAST-R-HP, for example, by developing a microfluidics-based chip to enrich the trace number of cells directly from the H. pylori infected biopsy tissue.

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