(Image: University of Helsinki)

A novel wearable for infants provides reliable assessment of motor abilities during early development. The smart jumpsuit, called MAIJU (Motor Assessment of Infants with a Jumpsuit), is a wearable medical device equipped with multiple movement sensors, which assist in assessing and predicting children’s neurological development.

The development of the MAIJU wearable required a technical breakthrough in the development of machine learning algorithms for this purpose. This was achieved by combining a new kind of motility description with state-of-the-art deep learning solutions.

The research shows that it is very possible to assess the motor development of an infant outside of a hospital or special laboratory setting. A particular advantage of the MAIJU methodology is the fact that it allows clinicians to carry out developmental assessments in the natural environment of the child, such as a home or daycare.

The methods can be scaled for wide use and adapted for developing wearable solutions to help other patient groups, such as older children or elderly people.

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