Raumedic AG , Helmbrechts, Germany, has published its first sustainability report  based on the internationally recognized standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The report relates to the past fiscal year 2021 and provides transparent information on the company’s sustainability achievements and goals at its global headquarters in Helmbrechts.

With the publication of the sustainability report, the company says it is committing itself to the principle of a holistic sustainable management. The legal obligation to publish a sustainability report takes in from 2024.

Stefan Seuferling, CEO of Raumedic AG

Stefan Seuferling, CEO of Raumedic AG, says, “With the publication of the report, we grant our stakeholders transparent insights into all ongoing sustainability activities. We are aware of our social, environmental and economic responsibility. Raumedic is already pursuing numerous sustainable projects today. It is important for us to act with foresight. The current challenges also offer great potential for making goods flows and processes more efficient.”

At Raumedic, the sustainability strategy and its implementation are coordinated and tracked by a special project office, headed by Dr. Stefan Wagner. His team identified the impact of Raumedic’s corporate activities on the environment and society through a comprehensive analysis. The entire value chain, from the procurement of raw materials to issues of product recycling and disposal, was closely examined.

Dr. Stefan Wagner, Head of Project Office Sustainability at Raumedic

“Our objectives encompass all three pillars of sustainability: economic, environment and social. We unite these in our guiding principle of ‘creating sustainable value.’ The sustainability report now lays the foundation for future projects on which our further work will be built in the long term,” says Dr. Stefan Wagner, Head of Project Office Sustainability at Raumedic.

One of the focal points for Raumedic is an increasingly sustainable energy policy — through savings and the use of renewable energy. A certified energy monitoring system has been in place at Raumedic since 2014. On its basis, 4.52 million kilowatt hours of electricity have already been saved since then. This is equivalent to the annual consumption of 800 four-person households.

Raumedic AG’s sustainability report will be published annually in the future.

Raumedic focuses on thermoplastic polymers to find solutions for medical and pharmaceutical applications, as well as products for intensive care.