A new sensor will be useful in microphones that facilitate communication in disaster situations and for healthcare devices. (Credit: POSTECH)

A new auditory sensor will be useful for healthcare devices that diagnose respiratory diseases. The skin-attachable device will also be useful as a sensor in microphones to aid in facilitating communication in disaster situations. It can clearly detect voices even in harsh noisy environments.

The team applied polymer electrets to microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) to develop an auditory sensor. The electret-powered and hole-patterned polymer diaphragm is incorporated into a skin-attachable auditory sensor, which reduces the need for a battery. The diaphragm structure based on MEMS technology gives the auditory sensor high wearability and portability.

The diaphragm enables the sensor to detect the neckskin vibration generated when a person speaks. Those using this sensor can clearly hear sounds even in noisy places, or when their faces are completely covered with a gas mask.

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