UV-Enhanced Photodetectors

A family of photodiodes for medical applications is available from Opto Diode Corp., Camarillo, CA. The photodiodes operate from 190 to 400 nm and are available in two different configurations, circular and square. The UVG100 is a large, square photodetector with an active area of 100 mm² and exhibits an excellent UV response with 100 percent internal quantum efficiency. The UVG20C has a 20 mm² circular active area in a TO-8 package and is ideal for electron detection between 190 nm and 400 nm, while the UVG5S has 5 mm² circular active area and provides detection from 225 nm to 400 nm; the UVG 20S features a circular 24 mm² active area with detection from 190 nm to 400 nm; the UVG12, with a 13 mm² circular active area and no cap (for maximum responsivity), operates from 193 nm to 400 nm.

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