Compact Digital Microscope

Compact digital microscope

Vision Engineering, New Milford, CT, has launched a new, compact digital microscope for a wide range of applications. The VE Cam digital microscope is available in two variants with differing fields of view (FOV). VE Cam 50 (50 mm FOV) and VE Cam 80 (80 mm FOV) enable users to do more within a smaller footprint, making it ideal for many routine inspection tasks. It is a stand-alone unit and does not require a PC, keyboard, or mouse. With Wi-Fi screen sharing, results can be shared wirelessly to smart devices and displays with screen mirroring. Enhanced productivity features include 10 user-programmable presets, six hotkeys for instant one-touch access to commonly used presets, and a configurable interface that allows commonly used settings to be shown directly on the screen.

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Variable Resistors

Variable resistors

TT Electronics, Woking, UK, has added four new product families to its variable resistor portfolio. These include three new encoder lines and a new line of single-turn potentiometers. The EN10 encoders feature an insulated hollow shaft and IP40 rating, offering a rotational life of 100,000 cycles minimum in a 10 mm package. EN16AB includes an IP51 rating in 16 mm packaging, while EN18AB offers either IP51 or IP67 versions in its 18 mm footprint. Both variable resistors provide rotational life of 30,000 cycles minimum and maintain positional information should power loss occur. The PHS21 series rotary potentiometers convert rotary motion into a change of resistance, resulting in a smooth transition of voltage or current levels.

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ISTA Certified Testing

ISTA certified testing

The testing laboratories at TÜV SÜD, Munich, Germany, have received full accreditation from the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). Manufacturers can have their packaging tested and certified for transport safety in accordance with all wide spread ISTA series. Packaging testing includes simulating the mechanical and climatic conditions that products may encounter during transportation and storage. It explores how the products are shipped, what stresses they are exposed to, which requirements of the industry, and the application in question they need to comply with, and which potential (new) markets are appropriate for the packaged products. In the case of a positive result, an ISTA test certificate is issued.

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Linear Power Supplies

Linear power supplies

Custom linear power supplies for a wide range of applications are available from Polytron Devices, Paterson, NJ. The P3 and P5 lownoise linear power supplies provide multiple output voltages in a single model. Other custom options include programmability, ON-OFF switches, and a variety of types such as open frame, desktop, and wall plug-in models, in addition to enclosed units for harsh environments. Power capability ranges from 30 to 450 W. Evaluation samples and safety-test units are available.

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Linear Voice Coil Motor

Linear voice coil motor

A new miniature metric linear voice coil motor is available from Moticont, Van Nuys, CA. The LVCM-013-008-02M linear voice coil motor, also known as a moving coil motor, is only 12.7 mm (0.500 in.) in diameter. The stroke length is 3.175 mm (0.125 in.) and the length at mid-stroke is just 12.7 mm (0.50) in. long. The miniature voice coil motor has a high force-to-size ratio with a continuous force of 0.86 N (3.1 oz) and a peak force of 2.73 N (9.8 oz). The brushless DC linear servo motor features high acceleration/deceleration and low inertia and is ideal for haptic feedback in medical/surgical instruments.

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Linear Motors

Linear motors

Siemens, Munich, Germany, offers three models of linear motors for seamless integration with all Sinumerik or Simotion control systems using Sinamics drives. The new models are 1FN3 peak load motors, 1FN3 continuous load motors, and 1FN6 magnet free secondary motors. 1FN3 peak load motors offer short time, high acceleration/deceleration, and velocity rates comparable to S3 duty; 1FN3 continuous load motors provide long power-on duration for horizontal, inclined, or compensated vertical axes. The 1FN6 magnetfree secondary motors are ideal for long traverse lengths at high acceleration and velocity rates. They can be used for horizontal, inclined, or compensated vertical axes.

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Spiral Torsion Springs

Spiral torsion springs

John Evans’ Sons, Lansdale, PA, offers spiral torsion springs that allow for rotation in two directions as well as a return to center capability. Used in pairs at a right angle to each other, the springs enable a wide range of motion in a two-axis configuration, while preserving the return to center feature. Spiral torsion springs are normally used in applications requiring less than 360 degrees of rotation. They are generally used to obtain a large amount of torque through a small amount of rotation. A typical application is a dental x-ray head.

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Motion Smoothing

ClearPath integrated servos

Teknic, Rochester, NY, offers regressive auto-spline (RAS) in its ClearPath integrated servos. RAS is designed to go beyond traditional motion smoothing algorithms such as S-curving or cosine smoothing by limiting the jerk and the jerk-derivative, resulting in smooth motion profiles. It can be configured with just a mouse click. It eliminates vibration with a simple one-click setup.

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Prefilled Syringe Safety Device

Spring-free mechanism to prevent accidental activation

A 1-mL safety device for prefilled syringes from Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services, Oxford, England, has been approved as a combination product in Asia. In Europe, regulatory approval has also been granted for UniSafe 1mL, and the product is now available on the market as a combination product with a drug for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. The platform uses unique spring-free mechanism to prevent accidental activation and drug leakage. The plunger rod has an integrated design so that it cannot be pulled out when removing the needle shield or the device from its packaging, eliminating the risk of accidental drug spillage and compromised sterility.

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