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White Paper: Packaging & Sterilization

Demystifying Ball Spline Specs


Why isn’t identifying the right ball spline for an application straightforward and easy? Demystify the semantic differences in the literature and it will, at least, be easier. We’ll do this by discussing ball splines in terms of how their various configurations affect their functions and then compare their functionality to application requirements.” For instance, the 1,600 word article considers six factors that affect load capacity and accuracy.

In the white paper, Demystifying Ball Spline Specs, you’ll learn how the ball spline bushing’s load capacity (including moment load) can be increased by manipulating any of these six factors: Four factors relate to the area of ball contact, i.e., the number of grooves in the shaft, the shape of the grooves, the length of the nut and of its raceways and how close the tolerances are. Five and six are shaft rigidity and mounting systems.

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