Lab Management Software

Bluehill Central allows lab managers to handle a wide range of network tasks.

Instron, Norwood, MA, has launched a networked lab management solution for Bluehill Universal software.

Bluehill Central allows lab managers to remotely manage all test systems running Bluehill Universal, regardless of the number of systems or their location in the world.

The new software uses a single database to manage Instron systems and data at the enterprise level. This platform uses a single database to allow lab managers to remotely manage a wide range of tasks across all the frames on their network, including all Bluehill Universal users and permissions, test method templates, results, file revision approvals, and audit trail data.

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Medical Servers

The 2U Rackmount Server

Medical servers from Axiomtek, City of Industry, CA, are suitable for integration into medical analytics projects. The 2U Rackmount Server offers powerful and scalable processors including Dual Intel ® Xeon® Gold 6226R processors. Features include optional ECC registered DIMM and storage, including Micron 6.4TB PCIe NVMe U.2 SSD, 9300 pro series; swappable SATAIII SSD tray with security lock, and support for PCIe x16 data center accelerator card and LAN support 4kV isolation. Support for HDMI full HD output, dual 10G Base-T, and dual SFP+ is also included.

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Servo Drive

The FlexPro® drive

Advanced Motion Controls, Camarillo, CA, has released a new servo drive capable of outputting 50 A continuous current rms and 100 A peak current, providing the torque necessary to drive motors in larger mobile robots. The servo drive has a wide input voltage range of 20–90 DC, allowing it to power mobile robots all day even as the battery levels drop. Despite the drive’s small size, it has a maximum continuous power output of 4.5 kW. The mini-sized FlexPro® drives is said to outperform larger-sized digital servo drives and still be integrated into tight spaces. The PCB mount servo drive mates directly to the motor axis PCB, offering tight and compact integration with the application.

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Wi-Fi Modules

New BLE5 modules from InnoPhase

InnoPhase, San Diego, CA, has released new Wi-Fi plus BLE5 modules. The Talaria TWO™ INP1014 and INP1015 platform combines wireless connectivity and an integrated microcontroller for edge-of-network IoT devices that require low power consumption and a direct-to-cloud connection.

A programmable, digital radio architecture enables the INP1014/1015 modules to provide low power Wi-Fi connectivity.

The platforms include multi-protocol Wi-Fi and BLE5-long range for wireless data transfer, an embedded Arm Cortex-M3 for system control and user applications, and advanced security elements for device safeguards. They can operate in stand-alone mode, in conjunction with an external MCU, or in a hybrid mode.

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Connectors and Terminals

The connectors meet a wide range of medical applications.

Custom-fabricated electrical connectors and terminals manufactured to OEM specifications have been introduced by ETCO, Bradenton, FL.

They are suitable for a wide range of medical equipment including diagnostic tools, mobility units, monitors, and more. They offer discrete component over-molding and are suppled on reels or loose for use with various automation systems.

Made from virtually any alloy and inlaid or edge-laid with precious metals to achieve specific properties, they can meet a wide range of medical equipment design requirements.

Parts can be produced in sizes from 0.008 to 0.090 in. thick with +0.002 in. tolerances, depending upon materials and design requirements.

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Cleaning Solvents

AGC Chemicals released two new solvents.

AGC Chemicals, Exton, PA, has developed two new nonhazardous cleaning solvents. AMOLEA™ AS-300 and AS-300AT are based on new HCFO chemistry. The cleaning solvents have an ozone depletion potential of near zero and a global warming potential of less than one. They are ideal replacements for HFC solvents, low boiling point HCFO solvents, as well as n-propyl bromide (nPB or 1-BP) and trichloroethylene, which are both undergoing risk evaluation under the TSCA. These new HCFO solvents have a boiling point that enables low evaporation, which means less solvent is consumed during the cleaning process. They also provide solvency with Kb value of 44 and 118, respectively, and a favorable HSE (health, safety, environment) profile.

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The Kontron COM Express Basic Type 7 computer-on-module

Review Display Systems Inc., Milwaukee, WI, offers a new computer-on-module designed to deliver scalable performance for medical and other applications. The Kontron COM Express Basic Type 7 computer-on-module is suitable for a broad range of high-performance server applications. It offers up to 16 processor cores. Four optional SODIMM sockets provide up to 128 GB DDR4 RAM of memory. Networking capabilities and connectivity are supported with four 10 Gb Ethernet interfaces and up to 32 PCIe Gen 3 lanes. Two SATA ports are provided, with the option to integrate an onboard NVMe if required.

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CAD/CAM Software

The hyperMILL® 2022.1 software includes a new break-edge function for contour milling.

Open Mind Technologies, Needham, MA, has introduced its latest CAD/CAM software suite with new and enhanced features for NC programming in applications ranging from 2.5D to 5-axis. The hyperMILL® 2022.1 software includes a new break-edge function for contour milling, combined pocket milling, and a finish path, allowing cutter compensation and increased efficiency for 3D plane machining. Automated 3D plane machining strategy improves machining quality by searching for high-performance path layouts according to parameters, including when adaptive pockets are present. Tool data such as length, radius, corner radius, and tool number and name can be transferred directly from the software to a Heidenhain TNC640 control using the hyperMILL® connected machining module.

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PCB Assembly Adhesives

UV-8300T is a thixotropic, damming material with very low CTE.

A line of light-cured adhesives specifically designed for dam and fill applications is available from EpoxySet, Woonsocket, RI.

UV-5400LV is a low-viscosity, low CTE adhesive for fill operation designed to provide high strength to PCB materials.

UV-8300T is a thixotropic, damming material with very low CTE, and UV 5403S is a slightly thixotropic material that can be injected as a fill adhesive, used as damming material, or used as a glob top. They are specifically formulated to cure in 10 seconds with a bond line intensity of 250 mW/cm2, 365 nm LED energy source.

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Tool Setter

The expanded NC4+ Blue is now available in four sizes.

Renishaw, West Dundee, FL, has released a noncontact tool setter that features an ultra-compact design. The expanded NC4+ Blue is now available in four sizes, with operating gaps ranging from 55 to 240 mm. Measurement repeatability has also been improved across the range, now down to ±0.5 μm on smaller separations. The systems integrate blue laser technology and improved optics to improve tool measurement accuracy. Compared to red laser sources, blue lasers have a shorter wavelength resulting in optimized laser beam geometry, which enables the measurement of very small tools and minimizes tool-to-tool measurement errors.

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Reciprocating Tooling

The reciprocating head eliminates an assembly operation.

Guill Tool & Engineering, West Warwick, RI, has released a new reciprocating head. Traditional tip and die assembly is replaced with a linear reciprocating assembly that changes the tube’s profile within a given length. This process is repeated throughout a single extrusion run without interruptions. Cutting capability, in association with the extrusion speed, cuts the finished product to length. Only one extrusion run is needed to produce a finished product. The reciprocating head eliminates an assembly operation as well as the need for in-process inventory.

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3D Printing Powder

RESOMER® PrintPowder powders are available globally for 3D printing.

Evonik, Essen, Germany, offers customizable powder for 3D printing of personalized, implantable medical devices. RESOMER® PrintPowder powders are available globally for 3D printing through selective laser sintering (SLS). The powders offer a broad range of customizable mechanical properties and degradation rates and can be used for more complex and tailored medical devices including diverse orthopedic, dental, or soft tissue applications. The new powders add polylactide or polydioxanone-based polymers into the portfolio for SLS printing.

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EMI Filters

The FN 2090 filter

A two-stage AC/DC EMI filter series from Schaffner USA, Edison, NJ, features excellent attenuation, easy and fast chassis mounting, and multiple options for safety and enhanced performance. The FN 2090 filters were designed for noisy applications, including medical, that require high performance. Rated currents range from 1 to 30 A. Optional medical versions (B type) are available. FN 2090 A versions offer low capacitance to earth for safety critical applications with a requirement for low leakage currents.

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Screen Printing

Roll-to-roll screening produces highly durable printed products.

Empire Screen, Onalaska, WI, offers multi-color, roll-to-roll screening press designed to more efficiently produce highly durable printed products for the industrial decal and OEM markets. The environmentally friendly system delivers high volume, reduces setup, and streamlines the production process. A patent-pending registration platform, an automated chase, vacuum functions, and a completely standardized set-up system help eliminate variability and increase efficiency. A camera registration system ensures precise color-to-color and graphic-to-cutting registration, which allow the material to automatically reregister itself when needed.

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4K Microscope

The Makrolite 4K

Vision Engineering, New Milford, CT, has added a 4K resolution microscope to its range of digital inspection systems. The Makrolite 4K offers wide dynamic range and is suitable for a wide range of complex and high-contrast applications. It provides more fine detail with greater detail shadow and highlight areas, ideal for challenging inspection routines, including reflective subjects such as solder joints, subjects in shadow, or subjects with low contrast such as rubber and plastic. A console configuration provides direct HDMI connection to the monitor for live display with full control of zoom and all camera settings.

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Electrolyte Tank

The enhanced electrolyte tank features digital ultrasonic sensors.

Glebar, Pennsauken, NJ, has developed an enhanced electrolyte tank featuring digital ultrasonic sensors that feed data to the HMI screen through an I/O link, enabling better grind management, improved grind efficiency, and reduced downtime. The upgraded tank provides customers with an easier and more reliable way to check the electrolyte levels of Tridex electrochemical cutoff and grinding machines. An I/O link connects digital ultrasonic sensors to the HMI screen, which generates a graphical and numerical display of the electrolyte health and fill levels. Alerts generated by the HMI allow operators to quickly make changes.

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