Metal Additive Manufacturing

A new additive manufacturing technology from Vertex.

Vertex, Cincinnati, OH, has added an end-to-end additive manufacturing solution dedicated to the superalloy Hastelloy-X.

The company added a VELO3D system to process the high-performance material.

Hastelloy-X is not a heat-hardened material, so it doesn’t become brittle at high temperatures, and its high oxidation resistance provides durability over many years of continuous use.

The system is suitable for processing high-temperature, high-pressure, and long-life applications.

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High-Performance Grease

Lubricant Z2600

A new heavy-duty lubricant Z2600 from HASCO, Fletcher, NC, is registered to NSF H1 and complies with the FDA purity regulations. The maximum service temperature is 160 °C with a melt point of 250 °C. The high-performance grease is also highly pressure-resistant and oxidation-resistant and does not emulsify in water. The lubricant is available in three variants. In addition to 90 and 180 g containers that include a pump dispenser, a 1000-g container is available for large machines and molds.

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A DC-rated filter from Schurter

A line of filters optimized for use in DC applications is available from Schurter, Santa Rosa, CA. The DC-rated filters are particularly suitable for applications requiring increased attenuation of asymmetric disturbances. The filters have a current rating of 30 A at 80 VDC and are offered in single- and dual-polarity output circuits. The single-polarity FMEB filter is designed for a maximum operating voltage of 80 VDC, while the FMEC series offers connections for two polarities for a maximum +80 VDC. The aluminum housing is potted and has metal flanges for secure mounting to the chassis.

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3D Printing Service

Digi-Key offers custom 3D printing.

A 3D printing and additive manufacturing tool is available to U.S. customers from Digi-Key, Thief River Falls, MN. With this new service, customers can upload design files, receive instant quotes, and have custom 3D products and items shipped directly to their door from Jabil. The tool provides a seamless upload and “add to cart” experience for users. It also offers fast turnaround times and free shipping. Engineers can easily create custom 3D products for manufacturing purposes.

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Dual Low-Pressure Sensor

A low-pressure product from Superior Sensor Technology

Superior Sensor Technology, Los Gatos, CA, has introduced a dual low-pressure sensor product series for continuous PAP (CPAP), bi-level PAP (BiPAP), and automatic PAP (APAP) products used for sleep apnea and other breathing sleep disorders. The CP series is a dual-, multirange pressure sensor that integrates a differential pressure sensor and a gage pressure sensor into one unit. It is designed to improve the reliability and performance of PAP devices and offer manufacturers a greatly simplified design and manufacturing process.

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Halogen-Free Adhesive

The NC-702 adhesive

A no-clean, near-zero residue, halogen-free adhesive solution designed for holding parts in place during placement and reflow processes is available from Indium, Clinton, NY. Designed for use in a formic acid reflow environment, NC-702 is specially formulated with high tack to hold a die, chip, or solder preform in place without movement, creating a tooling-free solution. While the adhesive has the tack strength to hold materials in place, the material completely evaporates out during reflow, eliminating the time-consuming post-reflow residue cleaning steps.

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Torque Sensor

Fuetek's torque sensor supports advanced robots.

A multi-axis torque sensor from FUTEK, Irvine, CA, is ideal for robotic arm applications that require high precision and control, i.e., surgical robotics. Engineers can utilize strain wave gearing (also known as a harmonic strain wave drive) to improve the robot’s performance. The sensor reduces the inertia of the robot arm and improves dynamic performance through faster acceleration and faster settling time. It offers very low backlash and high-reduction ratios in a single stage, increases payload capacity, and reduced power requirements.

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Rocker Isolation Valve

The compact ASCO series 062 valves

Emerson, St. Louis, MO, has introduced a rocker isolation valve designed especially for fluid control manifolds. The compact ASCO series 062 valves are 16 mm, which allows for easy integration into complex fluid-handling manifolds. It also offers two-way and three-way functionality. The easy-to-flush special rocker mechanism, combined with a separating diaphragm, prevents heat transfer to in-vitro diagnostic reagents and eliminates the potential for sticking and clogging of the valve seat.

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Assembly System

A new mounting system from autoVimation

A mounting system for machine vision applications from autoVimation, Berlin, Germany, is suitable for installing cameras, lighting, and lasers in cleanrooms. The Hygienic Building Kit is based on autoVimation’s hygienic, IP69k-protected, AISI 316L stainless-steel enclosure series. The camera, lighting, and laser enclosures are mounted on rails made of smooth stainless-steel rods. Hygienic T-pieces enable flexible positioning and orientation. Cable routing within the tubes ensures optimum protection against mechanical forces.

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End Mills

New end mills from Emuge Franken

Multi-purpose high-performance end mills are available from Emuge Franken, West Boylston, MA. Featuring unique geometry and coating, TOPCut VAR end mills are versatile variable helix carbide mills available in four, five, and six-flute configurations, with or without corner radius, and ball nose, stub, standard, and long lengths in inch sizes. Custom variations or tool modifications are also available. Variable helix angle flutes provide extensive vibration dampening and are precision ground with advanced edge preparation to maximize chip evacuation.

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Lithium-Ion Batteries

A modular battery from Green Cubes Technology

Green Cubes Technology, Kokomo, IN, offers modular lithium-ion batteries for medical and industrial mobile workstations.

These battery modules simplify transportation and disposal of lithium-ion batteries.

The patented batteries use battery modules to build a scalable power system within the base of a mobile workstation.

This modular approach enables the workstation operator to select multiple increments of battery power for the workstation, physically ship battery modules using less restrictive Department of Transportation (DoT) regulations, and more easily dispose of the battery modules once they reach their end of life.

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Model Manager

COMSOL 6.0 software is available now.

COMSOL, Burlington, MA, has released version 6.0 of its Multiphysics® software. The release introduces the Model Manager, a new workspace in COMSOL Multiphysics that enables efficient simulation data management and collaboration. Also introduced is the Uncertainty Quantification Module, an add-on product that uses probabilistic design methods to quantify uncertainty in analyses and predetermined safety margins. The version introduces improvements to the solvers with performance speedup by a factor of 10 in engineering areas such as heat radiation and models subjected to nonlinear structural material behavior.

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