Open Aperture Voice Coil Stages

The HCDS-051-064 stage

Designed for closed loop servo operation, a series of open aperture voice coil stages from Moticont, Van Nuys, CA, include a standard integral quadrature optical encoder with differential outputs.

Each stage of the HCDS-051-064 series has a built-in home switch for accurate initialization upon power up.

The compact stages have a footprint of just 11.5 in. (292.1 mm) long × 4 in. (101.6 mm) wide × 3.755 in. (95.4 mm) high. Each stage has precision threaded mounting holes for tooling or fixtures. They have a linear travel of 1.2 in. (30.5 mm), plug-and-play wired connectors, and convenient mounting holes.

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Stainless Steel Washdown Motors

A washdown motor from Bison Gear & Engineering Corp.

Bison Gear & Engineering Corp, St. Charles, IL, offers a high horsepower range of stainless steel washdown motors. An ingress protection rating of IP69K keeps it completely sealed to all outside elements. The 230/460 V three-phase washdown motors have a horsepower range of ⅙ to 2 HP. The motors are ideal for pharmaceutical processing and packaging, given the high ingress protection, suitability for harsh environments, and the use of Viton oil seals and O-rings that withstand high-pressure sanitary washdown.

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SLA Actuator

SLA actuators from SLA actuator from Schneeberger

A new SLA actuator from Schneeberger, Woburn, MA, utilizes recirculating ball linear guides that ensure smooth motion and high load capacity. It features a lightweight precision aluminum base and is stackable without additional brackets. It is available in both a lead screw design as well as a ball screw version for higher speeds and duty cycles. Features include a wide base for maximum stiffness, custom lengths up to 1 m, an anti-backlash lead-screw nut, and built-in proximity or photoelectric sensors.

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Online Sizing Tool

Thomson Industries has released a new selection tool for motion designers.

Thomson Industries, Wood Dale, IL, has launched an online ball screw sizing and selection tool to give motion designers fast, intuitive, and precisely calculated ball screw solutions for their linear motion designs. The Linear Motioneering® tool simplifies and streamlines the sizing and selection process. Users who know what they need can quickly filter on product attributes and be presented with recommended solutions along with immediate access to 3D models in popular formats, as well as pricing and lead times. Design engineers working from potentially complex motion profiles with narrow tolerances can use tool’s guidance to identify a ball screw assembly for their specific application design requirements.

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