A new platform provides visual detection analysis for lung cancer and ketosis/diabetes via different testing probes. A research team designed and prepared two high-efficiency organic ratio fluorescent nanoprobes and achieved the detection of biomarkers in exhaled breath by combining with the color recognizer of the smartphone. The portable smartphone platform is based on a single-particle dual-emission ratio fluorescent probe, which provides visual detection of isopropanol in exhaled breath. Another fluorescent sensor platform effectively captured acetone in blood and exhaled breath and warn ketosis/diabetes.

Researchers developed corresponding ratio fluorescent probes to identify acetone and isopropanol and used the 3D printing technology and a smartphone app (color recognizer) to complete the semiquantitative detection of biomarkers. Through the ratio fluorescence strategy, two different colors of fluorescence probe are mixed at an appropriate ratio. When the biomarker is present, one type of fluorescence is quenched while the internal standard fluorescence remains unchanged, so that it can present a clear color under a UV lamp irradiation.

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