Power Entry Module

The IP67 module

A power entry module from Schurter, Santa Rosa, CA, has received CCC approval in addition to ENEC and cURus approvals, paving its entry into the China market. The compact DG11 series, which integrates a 2-pole circuit breaker, is rated up to 10 A at 250 V. The IP67 version is achieved with a flange gasket secured to the front panel with gasketed screws. The cover over the circuit breaker is factory mounted. The IP40 versions feature snap-in mounting for 1–3 mm panels; screw mount variations with top or side flanges are screwed to the front or rear panel. Power entry modules with resettable circuit protection provide an alternative to those that accept fuses with power dissipation limitations.

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Application Processor

The conga-QMX8-Plus module

Congatec, San Diego, CA, has introduced a new Qseven module based on the NXP i.MX 8M Plus application processor. The conga-QMX8-Plus offers machine learning and AI capabilities as well as TSN support for real-time Ethernet. The module provides 1.8 GHz ARM Cortex-A53 quad-core performance and an additional integrated neural processing unit (NPU) with up to 2.3 TOPS. At a typical ultra-low power consumption of just 3 W, the module delivers a performance boost of more than 150 percent, supported by the 64-bit architecture and onboard LPDDR4 memory with up to 6 GB.

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Proximity Testing Services

Retlif Testing Laboratories has expanded its radiated immunity testing services.

Retlif Testing Laboratories, Ronkonkoma, NY, has expanded its radiated immunity testing services at its laboratories in Ronkonkoma, NY; Goffstown, NH; and Harleysville, PA. The expansion includes proximity fields in accordance with IEC 61000-4-39, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) – Part 4-39: Testing and measurement techniques – Radiated fields in close proximity – Immunity test. This test method establishes test levels and test procedures to evaluate the immunity of electronic equipment when used in close proximity to RF transmitters. The company has acquired Schwarzbeck loop and TEM Horn antennas to provide magnetic and proximity field test levels at, and well above, Level 4 requirements.

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Brushless DC Motor

The new 22-mm-diameter motor

A miniature brushless DC motor from Portescap, Morristown, NJ, includes an integrated driver to optimize motor performance and simplify installation. The new 22-mm-diameter motor is just 35 mm in length and delivers 50 percent more continuous torque than comparable brushless slotless miniature motors, without compromising smoothness of operation or motor lifespan. Driver integration ensures better motor-driver matching, which simplifies installation and reduces assembly footprint and cost. It also eliminates unnecessary additional wiring between the motor and the drive.

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Metal End Mills Catalog

The end-mill catalog

Emuge-Franken NA, West Boylston, MA, has launched a new catalog detailing its full line of end mills. The 172-page catalog provides information on hundreds of new products, including specifications, technical materials, cutting data, drawings, and images. The free catalog is available in print by request or via an online interactive version on the company’s web site. The launch of the catalog coincides with the recent brand name update in North America.

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Flow Sensors for Ventilators

The SFM3003 has an extended flow range.

Three new flow sensors for respiratory applications are now available from Sensirion, Stafa, Switzerland. All three products are next-generation sensors that belong to the SFM3xxx platform and are suitable for inspiratory applications at ambient pressure. The SFM3003 has an extended flow range between –150 and 300 slm, while the SFM3013 is resistant to overpressure (up to 1 bar) and calibrated for heliox. The SFM3119 adds a digital sensor to the SFM31xx series of compact sensors. All three provide high accuracy, very low pressure drop, and fast signal sampling. The fully calibrated and temperature-compensated sensors can accurately measure flow rates in both directions.

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3D Printed Titanium Implants

Tangible Solutions provides all post-processing steps required in the 3D printing manufacturing of titanium orthopedic medical devices.

Tangible Solutions, Fairborn, OH, has expanded its post-processing staff to ensure quality of 3D printed titanium implants. The company handles all phases of orthopedic implant creation, offering design support, prototyping, 510(k) clearance support, 3D printing, post-processing, and testing throughout and after production. The company can provide all post-processing steps required in the 3D printing manufacturing of titanium orthopedic medical devices, including laser marking and passivation to support ASTM F86 requirements. Throughout the manufacturing process flow, implants come into contact with various manufacturing materials and surface contaminants that are removed via passivation and are finished with the company’s proprietary process.

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Medical Manufacturing Technologies, West Palm Beach, FL, has expanded its equipment portfolio to include micro coil winders, electrochemical and centerless grinding applications, catheter laminators, and catheter tipping, cutting, drilling, and punching technologies. The suite of integrated business solutions is designed to simplify production through streamlined processes and state-of-the-art technologies. The company develops processes to increase operational efficiency, production quality, and product efficacy for the medical market.

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