The inaugural virtual Medical Wearables for Biosensors Conference convenes on October 25–26, 2021. The virtual conference will bring together leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies to discuss the growing opportunities for connected on-body devices from R&D through to therapeutic applications.

With less than two weeks to go, interested parties are encouraged to register here. 

Attendees will get the chance to uncover how medical wearables and digital health technologies are transforming the potential of clinical trials and remote diagnostics.

Ahead of the conference, SMi Group caught up with industry expert and the conference co-chair Natalie Wisniewski, principal, Medical Device Consultancy. Below is a snapshot of the exclusive interview:

Natalie Wisniewski, principal, Medical Device Consultancy

How would you like to see the medical wearables and biosensors market developing in the future, and where do you think the biggest growth area will be in 2022?

It is time to merge consumer product thinking with connected medical devices. We definitely need more consumer-friendly connected devices. COVID has cemented the movement of telehealth and hospital-at-home, so more and more monitoring capabilities of medical grade quality are going to be required for home use.

What do you see as the greatest challenge for you to overcome personally in the industry at the moment?

My passion is implantable sensors. Biomonitoring from inside the body poses a whole different set of challenges compared to wearable devices. So, for me personally, the greatest challenge to overcome is the lengthy, costly development cycle time required to create and commercialize implantable sensors.

Wisniewski will be co-chairing the conference and moderating a panel discussion on day two on “Evolving Digital Medicine Opportunities For Connected Devices.”

To read the full exclusive interview visit: the conference web site  and look under the Downloads tab.

The conference is proudly in partnership with Medical Design Briefs.

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