Fluid Dispensing System


Nordson Electronics Solutions, Carlsbad, CA, has released a fluid dispensing system with high accuracy, dual-valve jetting in two modes, and patented, real-time correction to accommodate skewed parts. Designed for high-volume electronics manufacturing, ASYMTEK Forte MAX dispenses from two identical or two different valves using a single set of hardware. In one configuration, two high-frequency IntelliJet ® jetting systems dispense fluid simultaneously for applications with multi-up, panelized, or patterned parts with consistent spacing. In a second configuration, two different fluids are dispensed on the same part from two different valves, such as for dam-and-fill encapsulation and in high-mix production environments.

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Surgical Ablation Pumps

The 400RXMD panel-mount pump

Panel-mount pumps designed specifically to meet the demands from medical device specialists serving the surgical ablation market are available from Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Group, Cornwall, UK. The 400RXMD panel-mount pumps provide improved flow accuracy, while a new tube holder ensures the tube locates in the right position every time the safety lid is closed, providing rapid, trouble-free tube loading. This minimizes the risk of human errors and thus safeguards the process. The pump is part of a larger system that includes an RF generator and a catheter or needle.

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Micro-Dosing Pump

The 3-in-1 microinjector provides continuous microflow.

Applications that traditionally require two or three separate laboratory devices can now be replaced with a single micro-dosing pump from Piezo Motion Corp., Sarasota, FL. The 3-in-1 microinjector provides continuous microflow, rapid micro-dosing, microinjection, micro-suction, rapid sampling, and mixing with a footprint of 3.5 × 4.5 in. The micro-dosing pump provides precise control over dispensed fluid volumes as small as a single nanoliter droplet size. The system includes a programmable user interface and pre-installed operating software. Both the pump and controller include stainless steel foot mounts or optional retort stand attachments.

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Solenoid Valves

The two-way and three-way solenoid valves

Emerson, Florham Park, NJ, has launched a range of two-way and three-way solenoid valves that support OEMs’ need to develop more compact machines and equipment without compromising on fluid control performance. The optimized body design and internal flow path of the new ASCO™ Series 256/356 not only provides a smaller footprint, but also reduced power consumption and increased pressure ratings. The reduced overall footprint helps OEMs optimize the internal layout of their equipment, enabling more high-performance fluid control options to be integrated into a smaller and sleeker final product. This is especially important for manufacturers of medical devices.

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