The global wearable biosensors market is a rapidly expanding industry with increasingly growing potential for applications in healthcare and technological advances. With potential in remote patient monitoring, diagnosis, and detection of disease, biosensors and wearable devices are gaining substantial interest due to their opportunities to offer continuous and reliable physiological information allowing for better support of patient needs. With that in mind, SMi — in partnership with Medical Design Briefs — is proud to present the Designing Biosensors for Medical Wearables Conference.


Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to SMi’s Medical Wearables for Biosensors conference, taking place on October the 25–26, 2021, in Boston.

As part of SMi’s leading series of medical device conferences, this year’s event will bring together expertise from individuals in multiple disciplines in the field of body-worn sensors and connected devices. The two-day conference will offer a series of presentations, through which you will gain insight into on-body devices for monitoring and remote diagnostics, device design considerations, wearables in clinical trials and a future outlook of the industry focusing on start-ups and novel developments.

Furthermore, in light of the global pandemic, experts from academia and industry will discuss the role that biosensors have played in the response against COVID-19. Following the main event, two post-conference workshops will be held on Wednesday October 27, 2021. There will be the opportunity to discuss digital integration within clinical trials with Aparito and to explore the potential of energy harvesting for body-worn sensors with the Center for Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies.

As chairs of this conference, we look forward to welcoming you to this must-attend event in Boston this October.

Yours Sincerely,

Andreas Caduff, Strategic Advisory Board, Digital Medicine Society

Natalie Wisniewski, Principal, Medical Device Consultancy

Conference Program Agenda for Day 1: October 25, 2021


Bringing medical wearables into people’s homes

Andreas Caduff

Andreas Caduff has been a driving force in the development of noninvasive and contextualized physiological monitoring. He served as CTO of Solianis, where he orchestrated the development of noninvasive glucose monitoring. He then founded Biovotion and served for seven years as CEO, offering a state-of-the-art user-centric, analytics-driven ecosystem, powered by medical wearable technology. Biovotion received several international awards and high-caliber endorsements for its innovations, including an award from the XPrize Foundation. Today he is working at the interface of secured medical technology, physiological monitoring, and data science, toward a more holistic view of health.Andreas Caduff, Strategic Advisory Board, Digital Medicine Society


  • Engage in case studies from leading experts on wearable devices for remote diagnostics and patient monitoring.

  • Delve into the evolving research into smart vaccines for COVID-19 and the developing wearable technology being used in the response against the pandemic.

  • Uncover how medical wearables and digital health technologies are advancing the potential of clinical trials.

  • Explore a future outlook of the industry with insights from leading start-ups and thought leaders on novel developments in digital medicine.


Evolving digital clinical evidence generation: A series of step changes

Janeta Nikolovski

Janeta Nikolovski is an innovation leader with over 20 years of experience in research and product development. She is the director of innovation in the World Without Disease Accelerator at Janssen and is co-leading a large digital and device-based cardiovascular clinical trial.

Her career has spanned the pharmaceutical, consumer, and device sectors, having worked on strategy and product development, clinical study design and execution, behavioral science related to digital health and solution development, and external partnerships.

Ms. Nikolovski holds a PhD in biomedical engineering and BS in chemical engineering from the University of Michigan.Janeta Nikolovski, Director, Innovation, World Without Disease Accelerator, Janssen R&D


  • Engage in case studies from leading experts on wearable devices for remote diagnostics and patient monitoring.

  • Explore how industry is using on-body biosensors for a patient centric-approach to therapeutics.

  • Delve into the regulatory landscape of digital health and data management with regulatory body and leading expert addresses.

  • Uncover the evolving research into smart vaccines for COVID-19 and accelerating accessibility of new wearable technologies.

Conference Program Agenda for Day 2: October 26, 2021