The development and use of artificial intelligence (AI), like many things, was accelerated during COVID-19. (Credit: Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)

The development and use of artificial intelligence (AI), like many things, was accelerated during COVID-19. From image and speech recognition and robotic process automation initially, now to smart devices, augmented reality and deep learning, AI is making the world a better place. Or is it?

Many investors are betting big but claims of bias and implementation challenges loom large. At MD&M West, a panel of industry experts will talk about what’s driving adoption across manufacturing, as well as how AI and machine learning (ML) state-of-the-art technology can deliver tangible benefits for emerging and fast-paced manufacturing. Topics include:

  • Trends in AI +ML across manufacturing sectors.
  • The Love / Hate relationship between AI and big data.
  • Implementation challenges including ethics and bias, data quality, levels of autonomy and the potential for “overtrust” by users.
  • How AR/VR hardware are using AI + ML to advance training knowledge to address changes in workforce demographics.
  • AI and ML skills engineers need now to be competitive in the marketplace.

On the Panel

Kevin Goodheart, Engagement Manager, Siemens Digital Industry Software

Kevin Goodheart is an Engagement Manager at Siemens Digital Industry Software. He is part of the engineering and consulting services team at Siemens, where he helps clients solve challenging problems in their product development, manufacturing, or product performance. During his four years at Siemens, Kevin is part of a team helping clients understand and utilize the executable digital twin (xDT), including utilizing simulation tools and AI/ML to solve real world problems that run in real time. Kevin has a background in Computational Fluid Dynamics and a doctorate from TU Munich. Further information on schools, work experience can be found here.

Kelly Malone, Chief Customer Officer, Taqtile

Chief Customer Officer for Taqtile, Kelly is responsible for technical pre-sales, project delivery and services, and customer support and account management. For more than 25 years, Kelly has worked in technology primarily focused on software operating systems, development platforms, and software application commercialization. He joined Taqtile in 2015 following his role as Director of Business Development at Microsoft supporting the Windows Platform team and specifically the HoloLens. Kelly spent more than 10 years in a variety of sales, business development, and product management roles at Microsoft.

Dave Saunders, Chief Technology Officer & Cofounder, Galen Robotics

Since 1991, tech entrepreneur Dave Saunders has taken over 40 Internet-based products from inception to market. He has led diverse product development programs, driving innovation in a variety of fields, including desktop Internet software, cloud computing services, medical devices, telco switching, virtual machine clustering and computer-vision-guided surgical tools. At InterCon, Dave helped develop the first commercial Internet software for Macs and PCs in the early 1990s. In a previous executive role, Dave led commercialization efforts for new technologies for medical devices at Mayo Clinic, University of Nebraska Medical Center and Johns Hopkins University. As an ardent supporter of the Internet of Things and the co-founder and CTO for Baltimore-based medical systems creator Galen Robotics, Dave continues to pursue his vision of a connected world that enriches lives.