Wearable sensors would be placed near the tear duct or mouth to collect biofluid samples. (Credit: iStock/@aywan88/In-Future)

A new kind of wearable health device would deliver real-time medical data to those with eye or mouth diseases. The new micro- and nano-device technology could revolutionize how certain health conditions are monitored and treated.

The sensors would be placed near the tear duct or mouth to collect samples, which would then produce data viewable on a user’s smartphone or sent to their doctor. The tears- and salivasensing technology can help manage diseases like oral ulcers, oral cancer, eye wrinkles, and oral or eye infections like keratitis, which is inflammation of the clear tissue on the front of the eye.

This new device not only collects data but also administers medicine with a microneedle through the skin around the eye, mouth, or tongue. Through nano- to micro-steel ports on the device, they can probe the cell to deliver molecular drugs for treatment in a very efficient process at the cellular level.

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