Learn about the medical manufacturers and cutting-edge applications that stood out in 2020.

Our Technology Leaders guide is divided into 9 sections, by device type: electrical connectors, motion control, materials & coatings, contract manufacturing, tubing, testing, electronics, fluid handling, and orthopedics, implants, & prosthetics.

In addition to highlighting the year's best innovations, this book offers the advice that you'll need as you design your medical devices. In this publication, you'll learn the considerations required when making a wearable, a ventilator, or the next orthopedic product. A variety of industry authors and experts will review the factors that should impact your decision to outsource, the preparations required for evaluation and testing, and the kinds of patient protections that will need to be in place as you design.

Read our 2020 Technology Leaders  publication, featuring the following articles.

Electrical Connectors/Wires/Cables

  • Cost-Effective Interconnects for Autoclaved Medical Devices
  • How to Protect Patients from Potential Electrical Failure


  • Preparing for MDR? Don't Overlook the Analytical Evaluation Threshold


  • Looking to the Future of the Medical Tubing Sector


  • What You Should Ask Yourself When Designing a Wearable Medical Device
  • Top 10 Reasons Why Stainless Steal is Right for Healthcare Design

Motors & Motion Control/Robotics

  • Brushed vs. Brushless DC Motors: What's the Best Choice for Medical Applications?


  • High-Reliability Capacitors: Critical Components for Medical Device Implantables
  • Smart Design: How to Develop Your Next Orthopedic Product During the COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Thin Film Electrodes Show Potential for Transforming Neurosurgery
  • When Every Second Counts...Important Considerations for Respiratory Ventilator Design
  • How Unlimited-Length Flexible Printed Circuits are Transforming Electrical Interfaces in Medical Devices

Contract Manufacturing/Outsourcing

  • Tips for Innovating in a Post-Pandemic Market: A Primer on E2E
  • Diagnosing COVID-19: Anatomy of an LFI Test Device
  • Determining When to Outsource Your Medical Device Testing

Gas/Fluid Handling/Pumps

  • Single-Use Applications Maximize Biomanufacturing Agility
  • Taking Benchtop Fluid Dispensing to a New Level of Process Control

Read the 2020 Technology Leaders  guide.