Keter North America Inc.  has begun production of high-quality, reusable face shields at its plants in Anderson, IN, and Milton, ON, Canada. Both facilities have the capacity to produce about 50,000 face shields a week. The shields will be donated to hundreds of long-term care facilities, hospitals, and fire stations across United States and Ontario to help address the urgent need for PPE to protect frontline workers who care for patients, especially seniors. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the company’s medical product division, AP Medical , led a company-wide effort to develop a durable face shield that protects the entire face.

The resulting design, which is also being manufactured at the company’s manufacturing plants in Europe and Israel, is comfortable to wear, protects the whole face and eyes, and prevents caregivers from touching their face. The innovative face shield is also reusable, producing less waste than disposable shields and easing strain on long-term care facility supply chains.

The Keter Group is a global manufacturer of outdoor furniture and a range of leisure and storage products. AP Medical manufactures large medical waste containers for hospitals and seniors’ care facilities. Beyond its manufacturing facilities in Anderson and Milton, the company has plants in Belen, NM, Stanley, NC, and Portersville, PA. Keter’s U.S. head office is in Boca Raton, FL.

A key driver behind the company’s decision to prioritize the production of face shields was the goal of keeping plant employees safe during the COVID-19 crisis by outfitting them with the very best personal protective equipment (PPE). The company also wanted to respond to widely held concern expressed by employees for the well-being of frontline healthcare workers.

A Keter employee demonstrates the face shield. (Credit: Keter)

Keter employees at the company’s North American plants are now contacting local long-term care facilities, hospitals, and emergency responders and facilitating face shield shipments. This work will continue until the need no longer exists.

“It has never been more important to support our local communities and the frontline workers who are sacrificing so much to protect patients in their care,” says David Foster, Keter’s vice president of marketing. “Our management team wants to thank our employees for their compassion for care providers and their exceptional work in retooling our production lines in such a compressed time frame. Our people have worked relentlessly to make this happen.”