Dawn is a 3rd Generation leader at Massa Products Corporation. She is the granddaughter of Frank Massa who is considered the “Father of Modern Sonar Transducers,” and it was his developments in sonar design and production that helped the US and allies win WWII. Since then the family business has paved the path in industry for electroacoustic products including ultrasonics and sonars. Dawn and her father Don work together to bring MASSA to new heights with technology development and manufacturing.


Dawn’s focus as Chief Innovation Officer allows her to bring her keen knowledge of MASSA’s capabilities to new customers and markets. She has an amazing ability to understand customer frustrations when other products or so-called “solutions” fail, and explore ultrasonics or sonar as an alternate technology. She leads MASSA to create new products to go where other electroacoustics and other technologies have not gone before. Such efforts have even led to new patents, new products, and ultimately new manufacturing. No one understands Electroustics like MASSA, and no one understands the possibilities for new solutions like Dawn.

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