Winnie is passionate about helping customers realize their vision for new products. In medical devices for only 6 years, she brings beyond-expected expertise in technology. With a lifelong interest in healthcare, and a natural aptitude in physics and engineering, Winnie has found a perfect match in the medtech industry. She worked in R&D and manufacturing in the semiconductor industry and transitioned to business development after business school. Her engineering and technology background has been instrumental in helping customers add smart technologies to medical devices.

Winnie has a BS, MS, and PhD in electrical and computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon and an MBA from Harvard. The complement between technical expertise and her MBA created pivotal points in her insight, impact and career.


Winnie has solved many technical challenges — from DNA assays, to photonics, to sensors to help companies realize their products. She is gifted at seeing process elements less visible to others and identifying their impact on yields, efficiency, and function. She holds 9 patents.

By speaking the “languages” of engineering, business, and biology, and connecting the dots between them with fluency, Winnie can hear, understand, and translate an idea into a product or solution. She is frequently invited to speak about innovation to companies looking to pivot or adapt in a changing landscape.

Winnie’s teaching experience from graduate school has aided her in coaching and helping others succeed in their careers and successfully managing collaborative teams.

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