Next-gen human-robot interfaces, and developments for surgical applications will be discussed by the panel. (Credit: Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)

Robots are at the forefront of innovation in the last decade, leading the medical device industry to the cusp of a new technological shift: The Robotics Revolution. Robotics exploits a fusion of the mechanical and electrical systems with new methods of computation and intelligence that will have a profound effect on businesses throughout many industries. What will the so-called revolution deliver?

The opening keynote will feature an expert panel who will talk about the future of robotics and how innovation, led by the advanced manufacturing community, will lead to robots with superior perception, integrability, adaptability, and mobility.

Topics covered include:

  • Next-gen human-robot interfaces, and developments for surgical and smart manufacturing applications.
  • Top trends in mobility, manipulation and programming using advanced sensors
  • Funding sources, from government and academia, to industry-led coalitions and private investment.
  • Trends in design of both system architectures that support operating processes, to critical design elements important for new product development.

Speakers include: Richard Leparmentier, Vice President of Engineering at Auris Health, Inc.; Hari Nayar, Principal Technologist & Supervisor of Robotic Surface Mobility Group at Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory; and Brian Schmitz, Senior Director, Surgical Robotics R&D at Stryker. Lori Jordan, Former Director, Corporate Business Development AI & ML at Microsoft will moderate the panel.