Kanfit3D has entered into a joint research partnership with the University of Brescia (Italy). The project will develop unique implantable structures, using additive layer manufacturing (ALM) technologies, for replacing or augmenting missing body tissue with customized surface treatments for improved osseointegration to achieve a better biological response within a reduced healing time.

The implant augments body tissue. (Credit: Kanfit3D)

The project involves the use of traditional alloys (Tialloys). A variety of designs will be tested on implant surfaces for anatomical regions that have different mechanical and surface property requirements. The impact of process parameters and surface treatments on the critical performance characteristics of the final component will be assessed and optimized. The biological characterization will involve both the investigation of reduced bacterial adhesion in correspondence with an improved osteointegration due to fabrication and post-processing optimization.

The program is being funded by the Israel Innovation Authority.

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