Researchers have developed a first-of-its-kind palm-sized 3D ultrasound imaging system for radiation-free scoliosis assessment. Named “Scolioscan Air,” the system is designed to bring accurate, safe and cost-efficient mass screening to schools and communities.

3D ultrasound imaging system. (Credit: Hong Kong PolyU)

Being radiation-free and more cost-effective than prevailing x-ray imaging technologies, the system facilitates mass screening and frequent follow-up monitoring. Clinical trials have proven the novel technology is very reliable, with accuracy of curve measurement comparable to x-ray assessment.

It can obtain image in any posture, provide vertebra rotation and muscle-related information, and form a 3D spinal model for the 3D analysis of deformity of spine. It can also be applied to conducting prognosis and monitoring treatment outcomes for each scoliosis patient in order to establish personalized treatment plan.

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