KMC Global, a group of wholly owned, autonomous companies that manufacture equipment designed to enhance how industries process material, has announced the expansion of its Controls & Automation division to serve customers outside of its own companies. This technology-based company, which provides control panels for industrial equipment plus automation and integration with remote and on-site support capability, previously sold only to other companies under its corporate umbrella.

“For years, our division has worked with sister companies, such as PRAB and Hapman, to provide control panels and automation systems that have been used in a wide variety of industries,” says Lawrence West, sales and automation manager for KMC Global Controls & Automation. “That experience allows us to ensure that all of our equipment is suitable for markets that may have specific certifications or other needs, such as the healthcare or medical device industry.”

KMC Global Controls & Automation  now provides a single point of contact for all controls and automation needs and offers a variety of services, including:

  • Certified 508A-listed industrial control panels that are individually built to suit each customer’s specifications and component requirements.
  • Control panel design by a fully staffed team of experts who can create a control panel concept from the ground up or review an existing control panel design.
  • Automation and integration with smart programming that allows customers’ equipment to continue doing the jobs that keep them in business.
  • Remote and on-site automation to assist customers with commissioning equipment, program changes, troubleshooting electrical control components, schematic and project review, and control panel wiring clean-up.