Advanced Wound Care Products

Vancive Medical Technologies, an Avery Dennison business, Chicago, IL, offers six advanced wound care materials for private labeling by medical device original equipment manufacturers (OEMs): silicone wound contact layer, thin absorbent wound dressing, odor-absorbing hydrocolloid, superabsorbent dressing, silicone adhesive coated polyurethane foam, and barrier film spray and swab.

The silicone wound contact layer is a low adherent, non-irritating, porous, nonwoven fabric coated with a soft silicone adhesive. It can remain on a wound for several days. The thin absorbent wound dressing, which features Thin Absorbent Skin Adhesive™ (TASA™) technology, is conformable, exceptionally thin (0.12 mm), and absorbent. Indicated for lightly to moderately exudating wounds, it also is transparent. The odor-absorbing hydrocolloid remains intact on the wound, aiding in removal. It is available in standard and bordered options as well as square and sacral sizes.

The superabsorbent dressing is designed to handle moderate to heavy wound exudate. It can remain on a wound for extended periods (up to seven days). Multilayerd silicone adhesive coated polyurethane foam is available for use in flat foam dressings or bordered dressings for management of moderate to heavily exudating wounds. Its polyurethane top layer, which can be printed with OEM branding, acts as a bacteria barrier while allowing moisture vapor transfer.

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