Designers for powered medical devices are facing many new challenges. Devices are becoming smaller and more powerful, which is good, but certainly creates thermal management issues. If these devices get too hot, there can be safety issues for both the care giver and patient. Moreover, overheated devices can perform poorly or not all.

This free 30-minute Webinar will explore solutions that ACT has developed for medical products including use of heat pipes, vapor chambers and PCM heat sinks. We’ll review these technologies and examine some applications where they have been successfully implemented. These technologies are providing similar thermal management benefits in many other applications as well, including the military, avionics, lighting, and energy sectors. Anyone dealing with thermal management issues in the medical device industry and beyond are encouraged to register.

For more information on the presented active thermal technologies, please visit www.1-ACT.com.


Pete Ritt, VP, Sales and Marketing, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.
Darren Campo, Lead Product Development Engineer, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

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