This Webinar will touch on two recent advancements in Medical Monofilaments: Implantable ePTFE Suture and LCP Monofilament for MRI interventional procedures.

ePTFE Suture Monofilament is a widely used for implantable applications in the cardiovascular, structural heart, and peripheral medical markets including chordae tendineae repair, chest wall reconstruction, and other thoracic surgeries. The ability to have a suture that is soft, flexible, and has excellent drape that can also be positioned into a strong knot is not only critical for these applications, but preferred by clinicians. While most focus on the development of finished medical devices, Zeus supplies ePTFE Suture as a component allowing end users to private label with their own packaging, length, and swaged needle design. Our product is offered in 6 standard sizes that meet or exceed nonsterile knot strength for USP 1, 0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, and 5-0.

With recent renewed interest in the development of a MRI-compatible catheter, our LCP monofilament is an ideally suited material for catheter braiding reinforcement used as a replacement for metal wire braiding such as stainless steel. Our LCP allows the catheter to retain excellent torquability, pushability, and distal end deflectability.


Dr. Bruce Anneaux, Ph.D., Zeus Corporate Director, Research

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